Hypno AntiDepressant Certification (2022) (plan)

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Hypno AntiDepressant Certification

Incorporating Hypno Anti-Anxiety

Developed by Dr. Sue Peacock & Steven J. Miller

The Premier Programme That Delivers Hypnotherapists With A Range Of Solution Focused Tools And Strategies Designed To Help Clients Suffering With Mild To Moderate Depression And / Or Anxiety

Are You Looking For A Creative Collection Of Tools That
Can Be Immediately Used To Help Your Clients
Manage Their Depression?

Would You Like To Benefit From Being Recognized As A
Hypno AntiDepressant Certified Practitioner To Help
Grow Your Client Base?

Do You Want To Receive Scripts And Strategies That
Will Support Your Clients To Move Forward Positively?

'...I Am Already Receiving Client Enquiries'

‘The Hypno AntiDepressant is an inspirational boutique of fresh Hypnotic tools and more. The strength of the brand means I am already receiving client enquiries’.

Fiona Robinson, Clinical Hypnotherapist

What You Will Receive

The Hypno AntiDepressant and Hypno Anti-Anxiety is a creative set of tools that have been carefully designed to help clients with mild to moderate depression. This is probably the most creative Hypnotherapeutic solution to help clients presenting with depression that has been released to the market to date.

You will receive 7 Modules, each of which will deliver solutions for you to use with your clients to help them manage their depression and / or anxiety and find the motivation to move forward. Rather than being a prescriptive session by session programme, the Hypno AntiDepressant and Hypno Anti-Anxiety delivers a range of tools that you can use to tailor an appropriate Hypnotherapy and Coaching strategy for your clients.

Module 1: Ethics, Contra Indications And Best Practice

Understanding Who The Hypno AntiDepressant Is For.

The Main Contra-indications To Be Considered.

GP Notifications And Referrals.

Module 2: Debugging Depression

The Hypnotic ‘Script’ To Support A Client To Release The ‘Part’ Responsible For Their Depression And To Begin To Embed Self Acceptance.

5 Practical Coaching Actions That You Can Use With Your Clients At The Beginning, Middle And Towards The End Of Therapy.

A Working Example Of How To Apply The Coaching Actions With Your Clients.

Module 3: Hypno AntiDepressant Mood Magic

10 Coaching Actions That Can Be Applied To Enhance The Positive Mood With Your Clients.

The Mood Magic Hypnotic Process Including Scripting.

The Mind Motivation Hypnotic Script.

Module 4: Building Supreme Self Esteem

Accelerated Strategies To Help Your Clients Release The Past.

Confidence Coaching Techniques To Help Your Clients Move Forward.

The ‘Comfort Zone’ Escape Strategy That Will Help To Solidify Your Client’s Confidence.

Module 5: Hypno AntiDepressant Mind Medicine

The 3 Hypno AntiDepressant Mind Medicine Imagery Scripts To Use With Your Clients.

How To Deliver The Hypno AntiDepressant Mind Medicine Script Process So That You Have Impact.

How The Hypno AntiDepressant Mind Medicine Works In Practice.

Module 6: Dissociating And Desensitising Anxiety

How To Support A Client To Immediately Dissociate Their Anxiety In Your Consulting Room.

The Hypno Anti-Anxiety Dissociation Script Protocol.

The Hypno Anti-Anxiety Confidence Champion Hypnosis Script.

Module 7: Delivering Hypnotic Confidence

The 3 Immediate Confidence Coaching Strategies To Use With Clients.

The Hypno Anti-Anxiety Hypnotic Confidence Ego Strengthening Script.

Relapse Management: Delivering Cost Effective Follow Up.

Brand New Addition: Health Anxiety Hypnotherapy

In response to the global pandemic triggering a rise in health anxiety, we are pleased to have developed additional content to equip Practitioners to deliver support to clients struggling with this condition.

Dr Sue Peacock and Mr Steven J. Miller have incorporated evidence based ‘Health Anxiety’ content so that you as a Practitioner can market a solution, and benefit from supporting clients with this condition.

'...Fantastic Package Of Tools Motivating Clients'

‘Hypno AntiDepressant is a fresh and fantastic package of tools motivating clients to manage and move forward from depression’’.

Eric Beaufils, Clinical Hypnotherapist


A specialist Hypnotherapists Business Guide to attract clients presenting with Depression and Anxiety to help you build a solid and consistent client list. VALUE: £125 ($170)

Discover The Proven Methods Of Attracting Clients For Anxiety And Depression Using Email Including Email Construction And Psychologically Influencing Them To Click Your Links And Book In With You.

All You Need To Do Is Follow Our Proven Sales Page Template And In Under 60 Minutes You’ll Be Able To Start Converting Your Visitors Into Buyers By Getting Them To Feel It Is A No Brainer And They Should Book In With You.

A Niche Online Social Media Group Coaching Session To Help You Attract Anxiety & Depression Clients. VALUE: £125 ($170)

A template set that you will be able to use when you’ve completed the programme, to contact GP’s in your area informing them of your status as a Hypno AntiDepressant & Hypno AntiAnxiety Practitioner. VALUE: £25 ($35)

How We Deliver Your Programme

The Modules are delivered to you using a combination of E-Guides, Checklists, MP3 Audios, and Facebook Live Feed Coaching sessions.
All content will be delivered to you immediately and you will have access to our secret Student Facebook group where you will receive additional input and support.

'The content is ready made and the clients really benefit'

‘I offer Hypno AntiDepressant / Hypno AntiAnxiety and it is bringing in new clients. The content is ready made and the clients really benefit’.

Geraldine Oxenham, Hypnotherapist

The Certification Process

Having completed all modules you will be sent a written exercise to complete that will ensure that you are competent at understanding all elements of the Hypno AntiDepressant and its application with clients. Assessments are managed and assessed by Steve Miller.

Upon successful completion you will then be awarded the ‘Hypno AntiDepressant’ Certification logo that you can then display on your website and within your marketing materials.

Additional Continuous Professional Development Support

In addition you will be permitted to remain a member of the Hypno AntiDepressant Student Facebook Group for the life of its tenure. Specifically this will include you receiving CPD support aligned to client applications of the Hypno Anti Depressant, details of any newly created tools, and marketing and business support.

'A Definite CPD Essential For Hypnotherapists'

‘Having experienced depression both personally and professionally, Hypno AntiDepressant is like a breath of fresh air. A definite CPD essential for hypnotherapists’.

Amanda Ross-Wallis

Dr Sue Peacock

Dr Sue Peacock is a leading Consultant Health Psychologist registered with the Health and Care Professions Council. She is also an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society and a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist with experience in helping clients with clinical depression, sleep disorders and pain. Sue has an extensive track recording of supporting patients and clients presenting with depression.

Sue is also a published author and has been featured by the media for her work. Sue works in an empathic practical manner with clients and recognises the need to support clients to move forward on a practical level. Sue has experience working in both the NHS and in private practice.

Steven J. Miller

Steve is a straight talking Motivational Hypnotherapist, Coach, Published Author and TV regular. He is a Distinction Graduate of the London College of Clinical Hypnosis and a Full Member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis. He has been featured widely by the media including ITV, BBC1, Sky News and numerous magazines and newspapers. Steve is also Director of the Association Of Weight Loss Hypnotherapists. With bags of empathy Steve is very action oriented and is very open about his own struggle with clinical depression having taken 40mg of Seroxat / Paroxetine. His mission for the product is to help lift your spirits through the roof to help you manage your depression and move forward positively.

'The Brand Is Helping Me To Attract Clients'

‘THypno AntiDepressant is a genius collection of interventions. The brand is also helping me to attract clients’.

Joanna Britton, Clinical Hypnotherapist


You will receive 7 Modules, each of which will deliver solutions for you to use with your clients to help them manage their depression and / or anxiety and find the motivation to move forward. VALUE: £1,750 ($2375)

A specialist Hypnotherapists Business Guide to attract clients presenting with Depression and Anxiety to help you build a solid and consistent client list. VALUE: £125 ($170)

A Niche Online Social Media Group Coaching Session To Help You Attract Anxiety & Depression Clients. VALUE: £125 ($170)

A template set that you will be able to use when you’ve completed the programme, to contact GP’s in your area informing them of your status as a Hypno AntiDepressant & Hypno AntiAnxiety Practitioner. VALUE: £25 ($35)


Certification Standard Fee: £1,900.00 ($2580.00)

2022 Special Price: £300 (Payment Plan Available – See below)

(NB You Are Able To Work At Your Own Pace)

Use This Order Button To Pay £150 Now (Followed by 5 monthly payments of £30):

Please Note: You will need access to a PC or mac, and itunes if you want to listen to your MP3 audios on an iphone or ipad.

'...Given Us Additional Inspirational Tools To Use With Clients'

‘Thanks Steve and Sue for the inspiration of the Hypno AntiDepressant that has given us additional inspirational tools to use with clients. The brand is also so strong that from a business perspective it is an absolute pull because it says on the tin what it does in a clever creative way.’.

The English Sisters, Clinical Hypnotherapists


These terms and conditions are governed by and interpreted according to English law. All disputes arising under these terms and conditions are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.


  1. The ‘Practitioner’ is the Hypno AntiDepressant License Holder.
  2. ‘Owner’ is Steven John Miller also known Steve Miller and Dr. Sue Peacock also known as Sue Peacock.
  3. ‘Practice’ refers to the Hypno AntiDepressant Certified practitioners business entity.
  4. ‘License Holder’ is the ‘Practitioner’ and vice versa.
  5. ‘License’ is the ‘Certification’ and vice versa.

Terms Of The Hypno AntiDepressant License

  1. Licence holders will only use the Hypno AntiDepressant model with clients aged 18 and above.
  2. Licence holders agree to act honestly and truthfully when using the ‘Hypno AntiDepressant’ set of tools and models, and recognise that if found to be in contravention of such conduct the licence will be withdrawn.
  3. License holders agree to have professional indemnity and public liability insurance of £1million (£1,000,000) or the international equivalent and to ensure it is kept up to date.
  4. License holders confirm by accepting the terms and conditions that they hold a Diploma In Clinical Hypnosis from a recognised training school.
  5. Once a booking has been made you will receive further details and Module 1 of the Hypno Anti-Depressant online programme. A fourteen day refund policy is in operation; however purchasers may lose their right to refund should any part of the programme be downloaded.
  6. Where appropriate, purchasers opting to use the payment plan facility recognise that full accredited certification will not be awarded until full payment is made. Purchasers acknowledge that this is a B2B contract and that they have 14 days from the date of making payment to cancel and request a refund. Payment plan subscribers agree that payment instalments are non-refundable with the exception of the first instalment should a cancellation be made within 14 days of its process.
  7. Licence holders agree that the ‘Hypno AntiDepressant’ logo and publicity must never be used to promote their own version of ‘Hypno AntiDepressant’.
  8. Licence holders agree to fully explain to all potential clients the style and tone of the Hypno Antidepressant, including who it works for and who it does not. The Practitioner shall at all time follow the tools and models of the Hypno AntiDepressant and not deviate from them.
  9. Licence holders agree to work in alignment with contra indications associated with the ‘Hypno Antidepressant’ acknowledging that this model is not to be used with prospective or current clients presenting with epilepsy, a history of complex personality disorders, psychosis, or where harm may come to a client as a result of the application of the ‘Hypno AntiDepressant’.
  10. Licence holders agree to adhere to the requirements under, but not limited to, Health and Safety and Data Protection legislation (including GDPR) at all times.
  11. Licence holders agree to write to a prospective client’s GP (with the expressed permission of the prospective client) if the client is currently taking anti-depressants and where it is deemed the prospective client should initially visit their GP to ensure the clients GP / Doctor has no concerns with their patient working with a Hypno AntiDepressant licenced holder.
  12. Licence holders agree not to sub-licence the use of the Hypno AntiDepressant. Licence holders agree not to sell any associated product/s to clients whilst the Licenced Practitioner is working with them using the Hypno AntiDepressant toolkit unless agreed by Steve Miller and Sue Peacock.
  13. Licence holders agree to work within the ethical guidelines of the Hypno AntiDepressant Training Programme.
  14. Licence holders agree not to sell this model as a self-help model, and produce any products including but not limited to MP3, CD’s, books, and associated online or offline products using this model for sale and for non-sale commercial and non-commercial purposes.
  15. Licenced practitioners agree to remain professional and respectful when associating and interacting with other licence holders and clients.
  16. Licenced practitioners agree to use the Hypno AntiDepressant logo on all literature relating to the model itself. Licence holders agree to pay the annual licence fee which is currently £95.00 per annum to remain a Hypno AntiDepressant Licence holder. Licence holders agree to attend CPD online programmes as directed. The Licence holder agrees that fees for Licence renewal may change from time to time and will be communicated to the licence holder with reasonable notice.
  17. Licence holders agree to credit the Hypno AntiDepressant in any appropriate testimonial and publicity including both online and offline media channels.
  18. Licence holders agree to being one hundred per cent solely responsible for the management, settlement, and outcome of any client or third party litigation.
  19. Licence holders agree to conduct themselves ethically and professionally at all times and work in alignment with the content of the Hypno AntiDepressant licenced taught programme.
  20. Licence holders agree that should any behaviour or conduct lead to a professional or ethical breach that this will result in the licence being withdrawn whilst investigated. The ultimate decision lies with Steven John Miller and Dr Sue Peacock.
  21. Licence holders agree that any breach of the terms of the Hypno AntiDepressant licence, found following investigation, will result in the licence being withdrawn and the licence holder will take down all on and offline Hypno AntiDepressant communication.
  22. Licence holders agree and recognise that the terms and conditions of the Hypno AntiDepressant licence may change from time to time to advance the Hypno AntiDepressant brand. In such circumstances any amendment to terms and conditions will be reasonable and communicated for discussion with the Hypno AntiDepressant Practitioner before being implemented.
  23. Practitioners agree and accept that their practice may be inspected at any time. Reasonable notice deemed by the Hypno AntiDepressant owners will be given of such visits and agreed with the Practitioner. Should the Practitioner’s premises be deemed unfit for the Hypno AntiDepressant brand then the Licence will be withdrawn temporarily whilst requested changes are actioned.
  24. The Practitioner agrees that client sessions conducted by the Practitioner may be assessed for quality purposes from time to time.
  25. If a Practitioner loses their licenced status the Practitioner agrees to remove all Hypno AntiDepressant communications from their practice and any other associated business to which the Practitioner is associated. This includes, but is not limited to, the Practitioners website, and their marketing communications.
  26. Licence holders are solely responsible for the use and execution of the Hypno AntiDepressant licence.
  27. The owners are not liable in connection for the provision of the services of the Hypno AntiDepressant Practitioner or the Licence holders breach in relation to his or her obligations to adhere to Hypno AntiDepressant Licence requirements.
  28. Licenced Practitioners agree not to use any third party discount organisations including but not limited to Groupon.
  29. Licence holders agree not to distribute any Hypno AntiDepressant material, documents, and correspondence to parties outside the Licenced Practitioners network.
  30. Licence holders agree to respect the rights of founders and pioneers Steve Miller and Sue Peacock as the sole owners of the Hypno AntiDepressant model copyright and materials.
  31. Licence holders agree to credit appropriate testimonials with that of the ‘Hypno AntiDepressant’ model.
  32. Licence Practitioners agree to use the copy provided under separate cover to promote and sell the Hypno AntiDepressant programme to their clients.
  33. Licence holders agree to use the Hypno AntiDepressant model on a 1-1 basis only.
  34. Licence holders are solely responsible for their own client attraction and business results.
  35. This programme is strictly for those Hypnotherapists running a Hypnotherapy business.
  36. A License is awarded upon successful completion of an online assessment that is sent to students at the end of the delivery of the online programme modules. This is assessed by the owners. The decision of awarding the Hypno AntiDepressant Certification to the student, is exclusively determined by the owners.
  37. Where appropriate, when signing up you accept that your deposit is non refundable.
  38. Purchasers agree that stalling on payments will remove their right to claim Hypno AntiDepressant / Hypno AntiAnxiety Practitioner status and any reference to it.