Feedback From Hypno AntiDepressant Clients


“I first visited Dr. Sue Peacock following a bout of severe depression due to events that had been building over a 30 year period. From a feeling of hopelessness Sue listened and then clearly and sensitively set out a series of Hypno AntiDepressant based actions. Without Sue I would not be here today”.

Mike K

'...more confident and felt that I was again walking taller...'

Gina says ‘After Hypno AntiDepressant Hypnotherapy I felt better, more confident and felt that I was again walking taller’.

‘Without your support I probably wouldn’t be here today.'

‘Without your support I probably wouldn’t be here today. I now feel much better, and life is now so much more positive. Thank you so much’.

Ashley, Birmingham

"Claires' journey with FATnosis & HypnoAntidepressant"

“Claire wanted to lose weight and she also suffered from depression over the years. Claire chose to do the FATnosis Programme first. After losing over a stone she decided it was time to do the HypnoAntidepressant 6 week programme for mild to moderate depression. Claire is continuing to lose weight and in this video she talks of her journey.”

"...most invaluable and empowering treatment..."

“I can’t tell you how proud I am of her for recording this short video – the Sarah that initially came in to see me would never have had the confidence to do it! Well done Sarah!!!!”